Stop Pink Eye in it's Tracks

Who doesn't remember Bob Costas' recent bout of conjunctivitis in Sochi. Getting eye care in Miami Beach is not that difficult when you know where to turn. For our staff at South Beach Vision and our optometrist, it was painful to watch, as we think we could've really helped. Most of us have a red eye or the classic "Pink Eye" conjunctivitis in the past.  Most conjunctivitis is caused by contact lens over-wear or adenoviruses and not bacteria or allergies.

Which eye doctor in South Beach can assist with your infections 

There are no FDA-approved treatments or medications that cure adenoviral infections. But, at South Beach Vision, we have a secret weapon.  An excellent off-label treatment that can stop these viral infections in days instead of weeks with no treatment. Our Miami Beach optometrists prefer to use the off-label application of an FDA-approved drug: Betadine Sterile Ophthalmic Prep Solution.

This eye rinse is similar the same solution that surgeons use when they scrub in for surgery. We use this as a pre-surgical prep solution for LASIK and cataract procedures. But the use of Betadine in direct application to the eye is a recent discovery.

 “There is no question whatsoever in my mind that this [5% povidone-iodine treatment] technique deserves wider dissemination, and indeed, the occurrence of the serious sequelae (pseudomembrane formation, nummular keratitis, etc.) are greatly reduced, to say nothing of the much more rapid clinical resolution and effective way to reduce further viral spread,” says fellowship-trained corneal subspecialist Izak Wessels, M.D., of Chattanooga.
The potential vision reducing corneal infiltration portion of the viral infection can be avoided by significantly reducing the viral recontact time on the eye. This is the most important part as it can reduce the functional visual detriment to our patients and also reduce the likelihood that they may spread the infection to the other eye or to other people.

What will make the biggest effect to cure your conjunctivitis 

Patients with viral conjunctivitis are very infectious and spread the infection with direct contact if they have a watery discharge. The Betadine treatment used at South Beach Vision significantly shortens the infectious period.

Please contact our Miami Beach office should you have any red eye or discharge and setup an eye examination with our board certified eye doctor.  We will most certainly be able to help and potentially reduce your suffering and risk of vision loss drastically!  Call for your comprehensive eye exam, contact lens fitting, or LASIK consultation today.