What To Expect From A Comprehensive Concierge Eye Examination 

Your eyes are tiny spheres of wonder.  A Doctor of Optometry can find warning signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole range of other systemic health issues, just by examining your eyes.

Our mantra, "Focused on You," comes from our desire and promise to provide the best eye care in South Beach.  You will receive a thorough eye examination, evaluation and custom tailored treatment plan from Dr. Stelzer.  We believe in higher quality over higher quantity and keep our appointments spaced apart longer than your average optometrist's schedule.   Dr. Stelzer prides himself in connecting with his patients on a deeper level and it takes more than a few minutes to truly evaluate and understand what each patient wants and needs.  Expect the unexpected at our office, as our goal is to give each patient a thorough, personalized comprehensive eye examination.  We strive for an enjoyable experience like you’ve never experienced before.

We utilize the latest technology and equipment to allow the best eye care analysis and plan.  We adhere to strict clinical guidelines from the Florida Department of Health and the American Optometric Association with each eye examination test.  We believe that once you experience this level of care, you will want to return year after year.  A comprehensive eye examination by Dr. Stelzer will fully evaluate your refractive and ocular health status.  You will leave with not only an understanding of your eye health, but our detailed examination methods will also provide you with an analysis of your systemic health status and recommended treatment plans and referrals if needed.

Concierge Comprehensive Examination Components Offered:

(a) Patient’s history (personal and family medical history, personal and family ocular history, and chief complaint)

(b) Visual acuity (unaided and with present correction at initial presentation; thereafter, unaided or with present correction)

(c) External examination

(d) Pupillary examination

(e) Visual field testing (confrontation or other)

(f) Internal examination (recording, optic nerve health, blood vessel status, macula health, and any abnormalities)

(g) Biomicroscopy (binocular or monocular)

(h) Tonometry; (with time of measurement)

(i) Refraction (with recorded visual acuity)

(j) Extra ocular muscle balance assessment

(k) Other tests and procedures that may be indicated by case history or objective signs and symptoms discovered during the comprehensive eye examination

(l) Diagnosis and treatment plan

Whenever a patient presents with any of the following as the primary complaint, the performance of the minimum procedures set forth in the subsection above shall not be required.

(a) Emergencies

(b) Trauma

(c) Infectious disease

(d) Allergies

(e) Toxicities or

(f) Inflammations

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