Come to One of the Best Trained Miami Beach Eye Doctors and Eye Specialty Centers

The South Beach Vision Team and Dr. Stelzer are extensively trained and ready to  deal with all types of ocular emergencies, including red eyes, eye infections, eye irritations, and eye injuries ranging from minor ocular surface injuries to severe injuries that may require triage and referral to a surgical specialist.  We are located conveniently in a 24/Hour concierge/valet assisted building in the heart of South Beach, Miami Beach for your convenience if you need emergent attention.

Call 305-877-2026 immediately if you have:

  • any Traumatic or Superficial Injury

  • Exposure to chemicals or Irritants

  • changes OR Loss Of vision

  • Sudden Double VISION

  • flashes or floaters

  • redness

  • Significant discharge

  • Swollen EYELIDS

  • pupil changes

  • ocular pain


The following points are crucial to consider and understand during  an eye emergency:

  • Generally hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to diagnose or evaluate general eye conditions, let alone red eyes and eye emergencies. Ocular emergency situations should be first handled by our Miami Beach optometrist.  It is financially and medically advantageous to see our South Beach, Miami Beach optometrist for immediate care and referral if deemed necessary.
  • Dr. Stelzer is available to take emergency calls on his personal cell phone (941-920-2106) during non-business hours in the case of an ocular emergency.  South Beach Vision charges our regular rates for scheduled office visits based on the complexity of each case.  Emergencies carry an additional fee of $200.00 during normal business hours and  $250.00 "After Hours" if Dr. Stelzer meets you at the office outside of our regular business hours.
  • Ocular emergencies often include pain, redness,  or discharge from the eyes.  Emergencies also include any sudden change in your vision.  Some emergencies have no pain at all like a retinal detachment,  but usually cause noticeable flashes and floaters or missing areas of vision and are  also considered an ocular emergency. 
  • In cases where a surgical or specialist referral is required (penetrating eye injuries, retinal detachments, significant extra/intraocular inflammation or infection) Dr. Stelzer will ensure that the best ophthalmic specialists in the Miami Beach area will see you as soon as possible to ensure the best possible prognosis. 
  • If you suspect you are having an ocular emergency , but you're not sure if it is emergent or urgent, please call our Miami Beach Eye Care Office.  We will help you decide the type of care that is needed. 

One of the best ways to prevent an ocular emergency is to have an annual comprehensive eye exam every year regardless of your need to wear glasses or contacts.  During the medical examination and dilation Dr. Stelzer can often see signs of impending danger and reduce the likelihood of preventable emergencies in many cases.  Emergencies happen and you need to know what to do when they occur. Our vision is our most vital sense and one we must protect.  Do not put off annual eye care as the result can be loss of vision and disability.  We are your Miami Beach Community Eye Care Center and OUR Optometrist wants to be YOUR Optometrist. Call us today to schedule your exam and keep your eyes and vision protected for years to come.