What Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost and Entail? 

Want to know what LASIK eye surgery costs and entails?  Dr. Stelzer is also the Clinical Director of The Laser Center of Coral Gables.  His expertise lies in the treatment and management of ocular disease and co-management of ophthalmic surgery.  Dr. Stelzer has spent the majority of his professional training specializing in LASIK, PRK and refractive lens implant co-management.  He is the most experienced optometrist in South Beach, Miami Beach, in this specialty and is proficient in all laser eye surgery and implantable lens procedures. 

We can advise you whether you are just curious about LASIK surgery or you are having difficulty with your glasses or contact lenses.  We are LASIK experts!


All You Need to Know About The Laser Center of Coral Gables and South Beach Vision LASIK

TLC is one of the leading Laser Eye Centers in Miami and throughout Florida.  Voted "Best Laser Eye Surgery Center in South Florida" by Miami New Times. The expert staff which consists of Dr. Alberto Aran and Dr. Adam Stelzer, are two of South Florida’s most respected eye specialists.  Together, they have helped liberate thousands of patients from the daily hassle of struggling with contact lenses and/or glasses.  Dr. Alberto Aran, Medical Director, is often consulted by many of his peers throughout the United States on complex cases and procedures.  Dr. Aran has trained some of the best laser eye surgeons in the United States and many consider him to be amongst the best in the field.  Dr. Stelzer frequently lectures his peers on LASIK, PRK, and Corneal Collagen Crosslinking surgery co-management.

South Beach Vision co-manages LASIK exclusively with The Laser Center of Coral Gables because it is the leading Laser Eye Center in Miami,  Miami Beach, and throughout Florida. All LASIK and Lens Implant procedures are performed by Dr. Alberto Aran, one of the most respected eye specialists in the country. Together with Dr. Stelzer, he has helped thousands of people struggling with their contact lenses and glasses. Both Dr. Aran and Dr. Stelzer are highly respected  in the practice of LASIK surgery and co-manangement.  Many of their optometrist and ophthalmologist colleagues have had surgery with them at TLC.  Dr. Stelzer has worked exclusively with Dr. Aran over the past decade and has extensive LASIK experience.  The best LASIK surgery results from expert surgical and co-management experience. You won't find a better combination for expert eye care in South Beach, Miami Beach. 

South Beach Vision and The Laser Center of Coral Gables: Where state of the art LASIK technology meets a boutique concierge service experience.

TLC's modern, state of the art Laser eye center in Miami is located at 220 Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables (Suite 230). We have so much confidence in the work we do that all our consultations at the center are free. Your LASIK candidacy will be evaluated preliminarily at your comprehensive exam with Dr. Stelzer at South Beach Vision and the final analysis will be completed at TLC.. We  believe in drawing up a unique, personalized LASIK treatment plan for each of our patients in order to ensure the best possible results for each individual case.  We are considered some of the best LASIK doctors in not just South Beach, Miami Beach or Miami, but in all of Florida and the United States.  We pride ourselves in our exceptional LASIK results and the relaxed, enjoyable, low-stress experience that you will enjoy at our office.

Our reputation for the highest quality refractive surgery has spread throughout South Florida as well as many other parts of the state and Latin America. Many patients travel significant distances to take advantage of our vast expertise and exceptional service.

TLC of Coral Gables is a Miami Laser Eye Center that prides itself on its friendly and accommodating service as well as dramatic results.  With us, you can rest assured your eyes are in safe hands during your LASIK procedure. Enjoy a much sharper, clearer outlook on the future.

iLASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Our iLASIK Technology Suite, the exclusive combination of IntraLase (Custom Flap Laser) and Advanced CustomVue Excimer Laser (Custom Prescription LASIK Laser) technology delivers the most advanced LASIK technology available today, producing exceptional results  a across broad range of prescriptions. With more than 20 years of LASIK surgery innovation and over 15 million refractive procedures worldwide, AMO technology is uniquely qualified to be your partner for LASIK surgery success.

  • The iLASIK Technology Suite provides a truly personalized and customized treatment, helping us take most of our patients beyond 20/20 vision
    • Customized LASIK flap creation
    • Precise levels of prescription correction: 25 times more accurate than glasses and contact lenses.
  • NASA astronauts are required to have iLASIK Technologies if they get LASIK surgery, due to the accuracy.
  • Over 96 % of TLC patients achieve 20/20 vision or better with this technology and over 50% see at least 20/15 bilaterally!

For more information or if you’d like to know if this laser eye surgery is right for you, give us a call so we can set-up a comprehensive eye exam at our office.  If you look like a good candidate during your exam, you can be referred to the TLC center for a free consultation.