Ray-Ban is the come-back king of eyewear.  In 1929, when airplanes were becoming popular, the company was founded out of necessity- the frames were a cure for the headaches & nausea experienced by pilots while flying.  The "aviator" and the "wayfarer" were metal & plastic styles, respectively, produced for this specific reason.  After James Dean appeared in movies wearing them, the company grew exponentially. Marilyn Monroe & Tom Cruise followed suit.  The instantaneous growth had a huge impact on the brand and since that growth could not be sustained, the company struggled during the late 90's.  During those times, Ray-Ban sunglasses were seen as cheap and outdated, being sold in gas stations for as low as $7.00 per pair.  The company was purchased by Luxottica in 1999 and showed a complete turn-around, becoming the most popular eyewear brand for every age, income level, and style today.