We believe in providing only the best eye care possible at South Beach Vision.  Dr. Stelzer is an expert in ocular disease and focused his doctorate training on this sub-specialty of eye care. He is the only optometrist in Miami Beach, and one of the few doctors in Florida, to be Nationally Board Certified by The American Board of Optometry. All of our eye care team and takes ocular health very seriously.  We have the highest clinical standards and practice full scope medical optometry.   We want our patients to have the best eye exam available in Miami Beach.   Each patient receives a detailed evaluation through the windows to our health. Annual dilated eye exams are crucial to determine not just the health of your eyes, but your over all health.  A plethora of eye conditions can only be determined with a dilated pupil.  Systemic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, cancer and many other diseases all have ocular signs.   A dilated  exam allow Dr. Stelzer to look for changes seen early in these disease processes. This can often allow patients to seek treatment by a specialist early on and avoid progression of the disease to later and more devastating stages.